Ariana Mesa


Ariana Mesa was born on October 12, 2007, in Norwalk, CT. She lives with her mother, father and little brother. She is a bilingual girl, fluent in English and Spanish. Ariana happily goes to a school named CMS (Columbus Magnet School), where she is now a 5th grader.

Ariana participated in the school string orchestra for two years playing the bass. In the present, she is a member of the Literary Board, the Safety Team and the Young Astronauts program. Her favorite subject is Social Studies. She has a passion for history because she likes understanding the past and discovering how other people lived.

Outside of school, Ariana takes taekwondo and swimming. She is very good at taekwondo and has been taking it for 3 years now. She enjoys taekwondo because she learns self-defense, but most importantly it teaches her discipline and respect. She is soon taking the test to become a black belt. (Funny fact: although she’s almost a black belt, she doesn’t participate in sparring because she doesn’t like to hit anyone).

Ariana enjoys traveling. Her favorite place to go is Longboat Key, Florida, where she often walks the beach looking for baby sea turtles that are in danger and lost. One day she hopes to save one by bringing it to the marine biologist at Mote Aquarium. For now, she enjoys collecting seashells and swimming in the water.  Ariana’s definitely an animal lover, but her love is special for horses and sea animals. When she grows up, she dreams of being a marine biologist in addition to owning a horse ranch. How’s she going to do that? She’ll figure it out!

For this year’s Young Astronauts mission, she wants to accomplish working well with all her teammates and learning more through all the experiments, so they can go to space safely and complete their mission.  She also wants to complete the training program to feel good and ready. One of the hardest things for her has been not drinking any soda, but she knows it’ll be worth it.

Her personal hero, besides her parents, is Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost her left arm during a shark attack.  Ariana admires Bethany for her power to overcome, never quit, and still become the best in professional surfing.

At last, Ariana sometimes has a hard time focusing but is a fun, friendly, creative, and unique girl. What she enjoys the most in life is helping others.