Brioni Earle

Brioni Earle

Brioni Earle is a fifth grade Young Astronaut, and she is ecstatic to be involved in this year’s mission for multiple reasons. One reason is just the idea of the mission itself. This mission will help promote tourism in space, which Brioni believes is a splendid opportunity. Another reason is that this mission will bring attention to ecology, and the fact that this earth is our only home, so we should keep it safe. Brioni realizes that these two things together equal ecotourism. This mission could be a spark to the fire of ecotourism in space. Brioni just cannot get enough of it because soon, tourists will be able to see earth’s wonderful values, and how important it is to keep our precious earth safe.

Brioni’s accomplishments have been to play the role of Jasmine in the play Aladdin at her school, Columbus Magnet, to learn to play two- and one-touch football, and to get a commendable on her recent Academically Talented project.

In her spare time, Brioni enjoys writing books, reading books, drawing, organizing, and staring at Volvo XC90 T6s.

Brioni attends the morning- and after-school  YMCA Program that comes to her school. At the YMCA, she makes lots of friends.

Brioni hopes to attend Greenwich Academy for her sixth grade year and up. After this, she hopes to receive a scholarship from either Yale University, Princeton University, Union College or Oxford University. While there, Brioni hopes to receive her Master’s degree and PhD in education, art, medicine or literature. Brioni will then become a principal, professor, artist, surgeon or author.

Brioni’s personal heroes are her mother, Albert Einstein and Chief/CinC. Her mother because she is hardworking, Albert Einstein because he overcame other people’s negative opinions about him with his great knowledge, and Chief/CinC because he is the best Chief and CinC there is.

Oh, yeah, and Brioni is absolutely in love with Volvo XC90 T6s.