Elizabeth Santamaria

E. Santamaria

Elizabeth Santamaria is a 5th grader at Columbus Magnet School. She is also a Young Astronaut, a space program after school. The program starts in 1st grade. She is also in the school orchestra. The instrument she plays is the violin.

When she has free time, Elizabeth likes to play with her friends. She also likes to read and draw. Sometimes when she gets bored, she colors.

Some of Elizabeth’s favorite activities are to play the piano, which she started playing in Kindergarten. She also plays tennis and volleyball. She also loves swimming, especially in the summer.

When she grows up, Elizabeth wants to be an Engineer. Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday she goes to a Math and Reading center called Kumon. She only does math and she wants to work at Apple HQ in California.

Her personal heroes are Ludwig van Beethoven and and her parents. Beethoven because when he was officially deaf, he still kept playing the Piano and never gave up. And her parents because they work very hard every day.

And yeah, She LOVES Owls!