Hannah Morin

Hannah Morin

Hannah Morin is a fifth grade student at CMS and has been at the school since kindergarten. She is currently on the CMS Editorial Board. On the Editorial Board she edits other people’s work throughout the school and polishes up their writing. Then the Editorial Board hands the writing back and the person gets to make a skit about it and share it with the school. She has also attended the school science fair since first grade and has won either 1st or 2nd place each year.

In this year’s Young Astronauts mission, Hannah would like to accomplish working well together as a team. She also wants to learn more about the history of space. Another thing Hannah wants is to learn more about the Apollo missions that already happened, and what those missions were for.

For the Young Astronauts mission Hannah is interested in many of the positions in the mission but if she could pick any job she would choose to be a flight director. Hannah would be good for this job because she is a good leader, and to be a flight director you need to lead the planning and coordination of all activities during the mission.

During Hannah’s spare time she loves to practice lacrosse, work on code.org (she has written over 3,500 lines of code!), and cook. Every Wednesday she has lacrosse practice – she plays for the Norwalk Junior Lacrosse team.

When Hannah grows up she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. She loves to cook whenever she can. She especially loves to cook for her family.

Hannah’s personal heroes are her parents for always supporting her.