Jemima Frantz


Jemima Frantz is a 5th grade student at Columbus Magnet School. This will be Jemima’s last year in elementary school. Jemima played violin for two years but she decided to pursue other musical instruments. She moved onto learning piano, which she has been very awesome at. She is also in chorus.

After school Jemima takes bus 420 and goes to her after-school program at Carver.

During her spare time in the spring, Jemima takes walks at Cranbury with her awesome friend Mrs.Rexin. When it comes to taking care of animals, Jemima loves it.

Jemima goes to Young Astronauts and has an awesome C in C (Commander in Chief). Jemima is going to be on a mission that sends a tourist to space.

On Sundays, Jemima goes to the Lighthouse Baptist Church, where she sings in a group with her friends.

Jemima’s favorite football team is the Patriots. She hopes the Patriots win the Super Bowl. Jemima’s favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.

Jemima looks forward to going to Union College and also looks forward to being a doctor and finding a cure for cancer. Jemima’s support is her beautiful mother, Roseleine. Jemima’s next support is Mrs. Nancy, her mentor, also her sitter Mrs. Rexin, her C in C, and last but not least the Young Astronauts.