Laszlo Balazs

Laszlo Balazs

Laszlo Balazs is a 5th grader at Columbus Magnet School. He has been at the school since kindergarten and besides loving school, he participates in a variety of extracurricular activities.

Laszlo is an accomplished musician. He has been playing piano for the past 5 years and the double bass for the 3. He has also been playing clarinet for the past year and plays clarinet in the Philharmonia Winds orchestra in the Norwalk Youth Symphony. He played bass with them last year in the Junior Strings program. In school, he plays in the 5th-grade orchestra and the 6th-grade band. Last year, in 4th grade, he not only played with the 4th-grade strings but the 5th grade as well. He also has knowledge of many other instruments, such as his voice. He sings in the 5th-grade chorus at school and was cast as the understudy for Aladdin, the main role in the school play.

Laszlo also loves school. In school, he participates in Academically Talented and loves all school subjects, particularly math, writing, and social studies. He is an outstanding math student, and since 1st grade, has been going to the grade above for math. Laszlo’s fantastic vocabulary takes part in his amazing writing skills, and Laszlo finds everything to do with history and social studies fascinating, from the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 to all things revolution. Laszlo also loves chemistry and sciences. He is a safety at Columbus Magnet, and loves helping kids out.

Laszlo’s hobbies include (obviously) playing music and biking. He also loves theatre, and since age 5, has been doing Crystal Theatre productions. Currently, he has acted in 7 shows, and for the last 3 years, has been writing a play of his own. The 50-page play called Growth Spurt that he and his friend Katie Romano wrote is even up for consideration as a Crystal Theatre camp. He also loves reading, and is a fanatic Harry Potter fan. He really enjoys reading about Greek mythology.

Laszlo has participated in the science fair every year in Columbus. In Kindergarten, he won 1st place on his project on weather and wheat in the citywide competition. In 1st grade, he won second place on his project titled “Can you fry an egg with a light bulb?” In 2nd grade, he won 3rd place for his project on scents that attract dogs. In 3rd grade, he did a probability project as well. He also participated in the STEM based gradewide competition on attracting art mediums.

Laszlo is very excited to be taking part in this year’s Young Astronaut Mission, In Manibus Terrae. He thinks that it’s a great opportunity and is honored to be taking part in it. Laszlo loves being able to work with a team, and would love to be in mission control, since he knows that there will be a lot of math and sciences involved in it. Laszlo knows that every job is equally important, but if given a choice, he would like to be either Public Affairs Officer (PAO) for his writing and speaking skills. Laszlo is extremely comfortable in front of an audience, and has been doing it for years, or CAPCOM because he is a strong communicator. He may also look into EECOM because he believes strongly that humans can do a lot to prevent more environmental waste, and has taken a huge stand about that at school. Laszlo does what he can in and out of school to promote recycling. Laszlo loves space, and believes that NASA should continue working on further human exploration through space.

When Laszlo grows up, he isn’t sure yet what he wants to do. He believes that kids should focus more on the present, rather than the future of them being adults, since childhood is a major part of life. He may look into a career as a chemistry teacher, since he loves science, and would additionally jump at the chance to do anything at NASA. He also may want to be a businessman because he thinks that economics are fascinating.

Laszlo’s personal heroes include C in C and his parents. This is his third year with C in C, math in 3rd grade, his 4th grade teacher, and YA this year. His heroes include his parents as well because they have made him what he is today. He also looks up to J.K Rowling since she was recovering from serious depression while writing the Harry Potter books and her personal story meant a lot in her writing.