Max DiChiara

Maks DiChiara

Maxwell DiChiara is a 5th grader and Young Astronaut at Columbus Magnet School. He is looking forward to this year’s mission and all the interesting and fun trips and assignments that come with it.

At school, he is a safety and he is also on the Literary Board. He loves working with children and helping others. Some things he wants to accomplish in this year’s mission are to become good friends with other students in the mission, learn lots of new things, and become a great Young Astronaut.

Some outside of school activities that he likes are soccer and swimming. When he grows up, he wants to go to a good college, travel the world and have a family. He also wants to become a bestselling author.

One of his personal heroes is C in C because he pushed Max to his limits. Now, he can write and subtract fractions like a pro!