Nico Restrepo

Nico Restrepo

Nico Restrepo is 11 years old. He was born in Norwalk Hospital on November 1, 2006. He was almost born at Columbus Magnet School at his mom’s parent-teacher conference! His mom is Katie and she is a teacher at CMS. His dad is Marco who is a carpenter. He has one brother Eli who is 9 years old and in 4th grade at CMS. He has one pet, a cat named Milo. He has lived in Norwalk at 15 Fairfield Terrace his whole life. He has 10 uncles, 8 aunts and 17 cousins. Both of his sets of grandparents are alive and live in Norwalk, and they are very special to him.

He loves sports. In the spring, summer, and fall he plays baseball. In the winter he plays basketball.  His favorite professional teams are the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox. He also loves to ride his bike, go skiing, play in the snow, go hiking, and swim – he loves being active.

Nico also likes being creative. He loves to sketch and draw and be artistic and to build things with his hands, like Legos, Kinex, or Plus Plus. He likes to travel and go on trips. One of his favorite trips was to St. Thomas. He went with his parents, brother, and cousin Grace. It was one of the best weeks of his life! Did you know he has been to Guatemala three times? He loves the west coast too. He has been to California many times to visit cousins. He loved visitin Washington, Montana, and Idaho. He has been all over the northeast and Florida too.

He is proud to be a good student in school. He always tries his hardest and gets good grades, although he is not a great speller. He is a good friend to his classmates and he tries hard to be respectful and kind. He is in the Academically Talented program and is proud to be a part of that group.

Young Astronauts is a good fit for him because he loves science, technology, engineering, space and art. He is really good at being a cooperative team member, which is important. This is Nico Restrepo.