Math Museum field trip updated info.

Saturday,  December 1

As you know, the Astronauts have a field trip to the Math Museum in NYC coming up on Saturday. This trip is part of the YA curriculum and all Astronauts are expected to attend. Below is the plan for the day.
· All Astronauts should wear their hoodies 
· Everyone needs to bring a packed lunch and refillable water bottle (it’s a good idea for Astronauts to bring a string backpack so they don’t have to carry around a heavy backpack all day)
· Dress warmly/in layers (and consider bringing an umbrella) – we plan to be walking around outside after the museum. 
· We recommend that the Astronauts bring some spending money for hot chocolate at the Winter Village
· YA is paying half of the chaperone cost 
Please be at the SoNo train station by 8:45am because all chaperones will need to buy several tickets at the station before we get on the train. Each chaperone will need to buy the following at the ticket machine or app (I will be there to help):
· Roundtrip off-peak ticket to Grand Central Terminal ($25)
· Roundtrip off-peak family ticket to GCT for each kid in their chaperone group ($2 x either 2 or 3 kids; see chaperone groups below)
· MetroCard ($5.50) – for chaperone only; kids will travel free on subway
· 8:45am: meet at SoNo train station southbound side; buy tickets
· 9:13am: depart SoNo, arrive Grand Central 10:20am
· Take subway (6 local line) to 33rd St; walk to Math Museum (26th & 5th)
· 11am: explore Math Museum, including:
o Square-wheeled tricycle ride
o Hoop curves basketball free throws
o Twisted throughway Mobius strip
o Structure studio construction
o Polypaint digital canvas
o And much more!
· 12:45am: eat packed lunch in lunch room at museum
· 1:15pm: walk to 28th & Broadway
· Take subway (Q or R train) to 49th St; walk to Rockefeller Center on 50th St between 5th & 6th Ave to see the tree
· 2:15pm: walk to Bryant Park on 42nd & 6th to visit the Winter Village
· 3:30pm: walk to Grand Central (42nd & Park)
· 4:02pm: depart Grand Central, arrive SoNo 5:08pm
· 5:08pm: pick-up at SoNo train station northbound side –
Looking forward to it!