Bagnara, Jordan


Jordan Bagnara has been a member of Pack 61 Cub Scout Troop for 4 years. During that time Jordan has earned many ranking patches, gone camping, and created his own Pinewood Derby cars. Jordan has participated in the science fair at Columbus Magnet School when he was in Kindergarten thru second grade. Jordan loves to create things and see the outcome of his creations. Jordan is apart of chorus at Columbus Magnet school and has a starred in the production of Annie as a “New Yorker” and will be appearing in the production of Lion King this Spring.

Jordan Bagnara is very creative and he loves to create lots of different things and see what happens next with his creations. Jordan is very talented and smart. He loves to create comics, kindness rocks and, read all types of books, spend time in the reference section in the library, cook/bake, and paint. After school Jordan is a second year Webelos with Cub Scout Pack 61. Last year he and his dad sold $350 worth of popcorn for their fundraiser.

Jordan also swims at Velo-CT and has graduated to the lap pool this winter. On Sundays he attends St Paul Westport Lutheran Church and helps out in classrooms and his mom with coffee fellowship. Jordan lives with his parent and two cats. He has an older brother, Nick who recently moved to Philadelphia to pursue his communications work in social media.

Jordan says that he’s still debating for the role he wants to partake in for the actual mission. After graduation Jordan will attending Yale University for premed to pursue his dream of becoming a pediatric surgeon

.Jordan Bagnara has many heroes but, his favorite hero is his grandfather, Richard Bagnara. His grandfather had a kind heart, he always helped people even ones he didn’t know, he had long stories about living in the Bronx, made awesome cookies, and was Mr. Love when it came to his family. His grandfather used to drive from NY to CT just to spend time with Jordan now matter what time it was. His grandfather was proud to be in the Army and serve during the Korean War. Richard had a smile and the brightest eyes that would light up a room and make everyone smile and feel love and friendship. He never had favorites with his grandchildren always taught each of us something special and leave us with a part of him. Jordan’s grandpa was always strong even till the end and had an awesome love for his wife of 62 years. He is a hero because he sacrificed things for himself so his family would have the best and he had a love for his wife that no one has to offer. Jordan’s grandfather always stood up for the underdog, spoke about issues no one would and attend meetings for better schools. Jordan’s grandfather made him happy and was so proud that Jordan would carry on his name when he has children and have his kind and generous heart. Jordan is proud to have had such a beautiful man who was not only is grandpa but his role model in his life. That is why Jordan’s grandfather is his favorite hero.