February 1 Due to a late scheduling change, the Astronauts had no classroom session today but instead did a longer work-out session.  As part of today’s fitness program, the Astronauts divided into three teams and raced against each other in various obstacle courses.  As coach Cathy puts it: fitness should be fun. February 8 During this session, the Astronauts were treated to a guest lecture by Brian Battista, President of Air-Lock Inc., and got to see and touch a real spacesuit!  Mr. Battista taught them about what goes into the construction of the suits, including regulating pressure, keeping temperatures constant, … Continue reading February

2019: In Vistigiis Apollo – January

January 4 The Astronauts kicked off the year with their first physical training session!  From now on, they will be having workout sessions every other Friday with Cathy Ryen, youth fitness trainer and proud YA parent.  After the subsequent session with C in C, the Astronauts were given cups, rubber band and strings and had to figure out how to best connect them all.  Another exercise that wasn’t as easy as it sounded! January 11 Today’s session continued the focus on communication, with an introduction to codes – Morse, mathematical, dictionary etc – and cryptography.  For today’s exercise, the Astronauts … Continue reading 2019: In Vistigiis Apollo – January