Chaparro, George


George is a ten year old student in C.M.S that had joined YA for two years now. During his transition to Columbus , he has made new friends and has been welcomed to the family at cms.

Some of his activities with ya in which he has participated are the paper airplane contest, save Joe Doaks, trip to Washington D.C. and a visit to the math museum in New York City.

Some of his most memorable moments were visiting the math museum because he rode the train to grand central station and had so much fun looking at the different, exciting exhibits . Another activity is his trip to the spy museum because there were some rooms with activities on how spies do their work and their was one room where you had to decrypt a code and his favorite thing in one of the exhibits was to travel through an air vent but his most favorite Thing out of the museum was tricking his friends into shocking them. finally designing the patch for our mission, in vestigiis Apollo was also another memorable moment.

George has played soccer and is a current member of the A.T program at CMS and participated in the invention convention fair for a.t. He is also a competitor, team player, and as well as a clever student. George’s career aspiration is to be a professional soccer player, a streamer for gaming

George’s personal heroes are his family, teacher, and C in C. In times when he stressing out George can count on his heroes to help him.