China, Nadira

Integrated Communications Officer (INCO)

Nadira China is a 10 year old girl from Norwalk, CT. She recently started a new school named Greenwich Country Day School after attending to Columbus Magnet School for five years. While at CMS Nadira was on the Student Council for two years where she helped make safe playground rules, donate non-perishable food items to the open door shelter, and decorate the open door shelter. Nadira is passionate about helping those in need. She prides herself on helping make life happier any way she can for those in her community.

Outside of school, Nadira is a gymnast and a diver. She practices 5 times per week attempting to perfect her craft. In the past, Nadira was a competitive swimmer and ran track for fun. She loves being active because it keeps her in shape.

Not only is Nadira into sports, she also plays the violin and clarinet. Nadira is in both the band and chorus, and has played a major role in the musical Annie.

Nadira has a love of science and hopes to become a science teacher in the future. She plans on sharing her experience regarding The Young Astronaut program.

Excited about this years mission, Nadira can not wait to share this experience with a group that has she has become very close with over the years. She plans on working hard, following directions from CinC to the fullest, and being a dedicated team player in order for the mission to run smoothly. She will follow “HEARS”.

A few of Nadira’s personal heros are her parents and sister. They all work hard to make sure her and her foster brother’s needs are met. They teach her the importance of being a good person and giving back when you can. They are supportive and love her to the moon and back. Nadira is grateful!

Nadira would like to thank Mr Perschino for founding the program. She would also like to give a huge shout out to CinC for all of his work and dedication. It can’t be easy dealing with us crazy 5th graders yearly… For this years mission Nadira will like to be the Payload Specialist because she would like to train the Astronauts. She thinks that this role will be a good fit for her!!