December 1

The Astronauts kicked off December with the first-ever field trip to the Museum of Math in New York City!  After exploring all the hands-on real-world applications of math, the Astronauts went on to visit the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center and the Winter Village at Bryant Park.  NYC was crazy busy, so a huge thank you to all our chaperones for all their hard work keeping a close eye on our Astronauts – we didn’t lose a single one…

December 7

This session held a sweet surprise for the Astronauts:  they had to work in teams to perform a simulated rescue of Joe Doaks, the gummy worm, with string and candy..

December 14

This lesson focused on the trade-offs between weight and balance in physics and space travel.  The hands-on element involved building a gantry (tower) to launch a spacecraft out of newspaper and masking tape and capable of supporting 4 cookie tins.  Thankfully, all the Astronauts reaped the rewards – their own tin of cookies to take home for the holidays.