Diaz, Jhoanna

Guidance Officer (GUIDO)

Jhoanna Diaz was born on January,9 2008. She has a little sister named Camila Diaz, their parents’ names are Maria Diaz and Gullirmo Sanchez. Jhoanna always had a nickname that her family called her: Jojo.

Jhoanna’s pre-school was Growing Seeds in Norwalk CT. Her elementary school is Columbus Magnet School (or CMS).

Jhoanna started swimming and dance when she was about four years old, after that she did synchronized swimming than started getting more advanced in dance.

Jhoanna loves to cook and she loves clothes. The biggest question always was what are you going to be when you grow up. The answer was always doctor, then she fell in love with cooking, then she wanted to be a fashion designer or a teacher! The answer is most likely a fashion designer or a teacher; cooking would be like a hobby for her.

Jhoanna is a part of great program called Young Astronauts and she is a part of the 2019 mission called Vistigiias Apollo which means in the Footsteps of Apollo in Latin. Jhoanna explains what she wants to accomplish in this year’s mission Vistigiias Apollo. She wants to accomplish teamwork, because she explained that it would be a great world-wide skill to have, also improvising if something goes wrong in the mission the only thing that can be done is to improvise.