February 1

Due to a late scheduling change, the Astronauts had no classroom session today but instead did a longer work-out session.  As part of today’s fitness program, the Astronauts divided into three teams and raced against each other in various obstacle courses.  As coach Cathy puts it: fitness should be fun!

February 8

During this session, the Astronauts were treated to a guest lecture by Brian Battista, President of Air-Lock Inc., and got to see and touch a real spacesuit!  Mr. Battista taught them about what goes into the construction of the suits, including regulating pressure, keeping temperatures constant, and protecting the astronauts from tears and scratches. 

February 22

The Astronauts wrapped up their lesson on communication despite difficulties.  After a session learning about the difference between manned and unmanned space flights and planetary rovers, the Astronauts divided into teams of three and worked on rover simulations, where a blindfolded ‘rover’ was led around obstacles via verbal commands by a commander and a safety.

February 23

Our very own Commander in Chief, Andy Pearce, was honored tonight at the Norwalk Exchange Club’s third annual Pillars of the Community dinner!  C in C is the heart and soul of Young Astronauts’ Mission year – oh, and a beloved 4th grade teacher at CMS – so we were thrilled to see him get this well-deserved honor.  Many CMS parents as well as alumni, current and future YA Mission parents attended to honor him on his big night.  Congrats C in C!