Gilchrist, Ryan


Ryan Gilchrist is a Young Astronaut at Columbus Magnet School. He practiced boxing for two years in third and fourth grade, training twice a week. Every few weeks he would spar with other kids his age. During that time he was also a part of the school orchestra where he played the bass in school concerts and on a six day schedule.

He enjoys working with gizmos and making things, such as a battery powered fan with on\off technology. His favorite creation is an electric machine gun (does not actually shoot) with a motor and two working triggers because of a circuit.

When he is an adult he wants to be a firefighter like his father and grandfather and wants to go to Union College to get an education.

This year he participated in Spooky Sagas, a writing competition to find the best scary short story where he came in third place at school.

In this year’s mission he wants to gain a greater knowledge of space and the science of flight, which is why he is excited to go to Kennedy Space Center and train with real astronauts. He also has a great interest in learning teamwork skills and working together in team activities because he knows the mission won’t be successful without teamwork.


In the 2019 Young Astronauts mission he would like to have the job of spacecraft communicator. He loves the responsibility and importance of the capcom in the mission of this year and he’s excited about the idea of being able to tell what is going on by the tone of voice of another astronaut with training. He knows that this skill will also be useful in a real world situation, like when someone is lying to him. He also feels that it is hugely important to communicate with ground control and tell that to his teammates. This job requires a huge amount of skill and training and he will be the perfect candidate