Grey, Mackenzie

Command Module Pilot (CMP)

Mackenzie Grey is a ten year old girl that lives in Norwalk CT. She goes to school at Columbus Magnet School. She has been in student council for three years and has helped work on new playground guidelines. She also participates in the Gifted and talented program and the Artistically talented program. Mackenzie is also a part of a program called Young Astronauts. She hopes to get the role Lunar Module Pilot and has been training hard to do so. Mackenzie is also interested in geology and has been studying the different types of rocks.

For extracurricular activities, Mackenzie has been a Girl Scout member since kindergarten, plays travel soccer for NJSA, and swims for the Wilton Wahoos. This year, Mackenzie’s biggest accomplishments were making an age group cut in swimming for 100 and 50 breaststroke and being selected to play bass in the All City orchestra.

In her free time, Mackenzie enjoys reading books, playing the guitar, participating in triathlons/ running in 5Ks, riding her bike, or just listening to music. One of her favorite books she has read is “The Mark Of Athena.” Written by Rick Riordan.

When Mackenzie grows up she wants to go to college at Keene State College and become an olympic swimmer or study to be an engineer for NASA.