Gudet, Eva


Eva Gudet has been a student of Columbus Magnet School since kindergarten. She plays violin and played at City Hall. She plays on the travel soccer team but she has her heart set on joining a running team.

Her goal is to become a pilot for the young astronauts mission. She has accomplished many things as in winning soccer tournaments, kumon reading, two triathlons, traveling to Denmark, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Barbados, St-Barth’s, Canada and more.

Eva’s summer activities are swimming, gymnastics, hiking, running and riding her bicycle. In the winter she’ll go skiing, hiking, ice skating and sledding.

What does Eva want to accomplish in this year’s mission? Develop her passion about space and science. Do fun challenging science experiments. Finish strong at the presidential fitness test. But most of all be the pilot of the shuttle. It’s a big responsibility and there are many steps. Eva has the power to bring the flight crew into space and back home safely.

She admires her parents. Recently, she discovered a new person who interests her. His name is David Saint-Jacques. A student who graduated from engineering school, Polytechnique, Montreal, in 1993. The same year as her uncle. They were classmates. Once David became an engineer, he decided to continue studying to become a doctor. David was hungry for more knowledge and became an astronaut.

Today, David has been in space for 33 days. He works/lives at the international space station. In space, he will do scientific experiences, robot tasks and test new technology. He speaks 4 languages, Japanese, Spanish, French and English. Eva admires him because David is an achiever not a quitter. For David the sky isn’t the limit. David inspires Eva to become an engineer and to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer.