May 3

The Astronauts spent today’s session practicing their lines for the Mission sequences that will take place before the entire school.  There’s a lot of excitement building!  Today’s session also featured their last work-out session of the year, where they trained hard for the Presidential Fitness test taking place a few days after Mission.  Meanwhile, our parents are getting ready for their own roles during Mission – it’s a big undertaking – and the Astronauts are not the only ones getting excited…

May 10, 13, 14 and 15

Our Astronauts have spent much of the last week preparing for Mission, with numerous script run-throughs, dress rehearsals, practice runs of equipment and more.  They are ready!

May 16 & 17

Our 27 fearless Astronauts successfully completed their In Vistigiis Apollo Mission!  7 capsule crew members followed in the footsteps of the crews of Apollo 11 and 12 with their manned landings on the Moon’s surface, while 2 mission control teams of 10 each carefully guided them there and back and helped resolve every emergency – which included lightning strikes, electrical failure and a computer system failure due to hacking!  For more details and pictures of the event, check out this article in The Hour: Once again, a HUGE thank you to all the parents and staff who worked hard to make this happen.  Our Astronauts thank you for this incredible experience!

May 20

Having successfully completed their Mission, the Astronauts turned to their next challenge:  Presidential Fitness testing.  In order to achieve the highest level, the Presidential Award, the Astronauts had to demonstrate their strength, speed and agility by doing sit-ups and push-ups, seeing how far they could stretch, and running a mile and sprinting a shuttle run.  The levels needed to receive the award depend on age and gender – but they’re all difficult to achieve.  Congratulations to our athletic and well-rounded Astronauts!

May 27

Today our Astronauts officially wrapped up their Mission year with their participation in Norwalk’s Memorial Day Parade.  The crew proudly carried their Mission year banner and the Young Astronauts banner and made sure to stop and honor every Veteran along the route with a crisp salute.  Afterwards we convened for a huge potluck BBQ with amazing food and drinks and lots of thank yous, hugs and shared stories.  It’s been an incredible year, filled with so many memories for our Astronauts and families alike. 

In Vistigiis Apollo – Mission accomplished!