2013: Memora Septem


On July 20th, 1969, the human race accomplished the most notable technological achievement in history when a man first set foot on another celestial body, winning the space war.

Now it was time to turn the nation’s attention to the wonders and possibilities of low earth orbit and a new goal for Space Science. What could we learn from weightlessness? Could humanity make life on earth better by using space as a laboratory? What could we learn about other solar systems by floating above earth’s atmosphere? What secrets did space hold for improved communications on the ground.

The first flight of the new Space Transportation System (STS) was April 12, 1981 when the shuttle, Columbia, roared into orbit with John Young and Robert Crippen aboard.
A number of historic flights were made on the Space Shuttle Columbia who flew 28 missions in total and orbited the Earth over 4,800 times during its 22 year career. It was the second shuttle built, but marked many spaceflight firsts: 1st to enter true space making it the world’s first space shuttle.; 1st Japanese woman and 1st European Space Agency astronaut in space flew on Columbia.

Columbia STS-107, which this year’s fifth grade Young Astronauts from Columbus Magnet School honors, was on a marathon int’l scientific research flight. As a research mission, the crew performed science experiments. Valuable scientific advances will be produced from the transmitted data & from experiments recovered. Columbia was a success: Science was performed, customers were paying to deliver their satellites into space, and defective satellites were captured and fixed in space.

The 24 Columbus Astronauts of MMIII Memora Septem, “Remember The 7” have taken the gauntlet from STS-107. “For those who have gone before” have inspired them to set a higher level of excellence from their display of bravery and immense contribution to mankind. These 24 young individuals will go as leaders, honoring STS-107’s memory and selfless sacrifice determined to create a future beyond the atmosphere’s limits and forever change our world as we know it today. Our future is in their hands and will forever shine brighter.