Ava Ryen

Electrical, Environmental, Consumables Manager (EECOM)

Ava Ryen was born on March 10th, 2006 in Stamford Hospital along with her twin sister, Vivien Ryen. She has lived in Norwalk, CT her whole life. She has a little brother named Keir and two amazing moms, Kix and Cathy. Ava loves animals (especially the small and furry kind), and she has rescued four so far: two rabbits (Flopsy and Cottontail), one cat (Butterscotch), and a dog (Stella). Ava donates money from her allowance to the Humane Society to help the animals get everything needed to keep them healthy.

Ava attended Kendall Elementary School for five years, and in 5th grade moved to Columbus Magnet School. She was awarded Student of the Month all five years at Kendall, has been in the Academically Talented program since 3rd grade, and started the Artistically Talented program in 5th grade at CMS. Ava won first place in her school science fair last year for her project, “Plants need water – don’t they?” She has also played the cello in strings.

Ava has practiced a range of sports, including Tae Kwon Do, swimming, archery, and she is currently learning to rock climb.

When Ava grows up, she wants to be an author. She loves writing and is currently on the Editorial Board at CMS. Ava’s personal hero is J.K. Rowling because Ava thinks her personal story was very inspirational and her Harry Potter books are amazing.

This is Ava’s first year in Young Astronauts and she is really looking forward to the mission and field trip to Washington DC.