Ayush Shetty

Payload Specialist

Ayush Shetty is a fifth grader who is in Mrs.Dana’s class at Columbus Magnet School. Ayush is ten years old and plays on the U11 travel soccer team. He also played on the U9 team the previous year. Most of Ayush’s weekends are pretty packed because of his swimming classes, goalie practice and soccer games. In 2015 he was in C in C’s fourth grade class at CMS.

Ayush joined Columbus in second grade and has had a great time at the school. He did karate from when he was 6 to 9 years old and went from a white belt to a green belt. When Ayush became a green belt he had to leave karate because he started travel soccer. Ayush has a little brother named Pranav who is 5 years old and very similar looking to Ayush. Sometimes Pranav likes to wrestle with Ayush for fun.

Before Ayush was in Columbus he went to Tracey Elementary School in Norwalk. He went there for kindergarten and first grade.

Ayush has participated in three school science fairs. One was first grade in Tracey, the other was in second grade at Columbus and the third was in fourth grade. The first project was on the stages of germination of plants. For Ayush’s second science fair he worked with his friend Roman to create a model of a volcano. The fourth grade project was with Noah on the geometry of goal scoring in soccer.

Ayush has also been in the Academically Talented program for two years and this year too. Ayush wants to make it into the Artistically Talented program this year. When Ayush grows up he is thinking about becoming a doctor because he wants to help people become better from illnesses and diseases. He looks up to his mom because she works very hard to get all the thing he need and when Ayush need help she is always there for me.

Ayush hopes to be a Mission Specialist. He wants to have this job because he likes experiments and because he is responsible. He is also good at keeping track of things and has a good memory. Ayush is very excited for this year of Young Astronauts and the mission.