Calli Gilchrist

Lunar Module Pilot


Calli is a hard worker who never gives up. From wrestling to school work, she always gives her best and puts everything she has into it. Calli is a good friend and believes that everyone should be kind to each other.


In the Young Astronaut mission Calli would like to be the commander or the Flight Surgeon. In Calli’s mind, the crew’s safety is extremely important. Calli thinks she would make a good commander because she is a good decision maker and follows directions very well. Calli can be very effective under pressure as she performs well in high stakes wrestling matches and tournaments throughout the year. She is interested in the Flight Surgeon position because of an upcoming camp for leadership in the fields of STEM and medicine. CALLI GILCHRIST Young Astronaut: 5th grade Mission: A New Alliance- 2016 A A New Alliance- 2016


Calli Gilchrist has been in the Young Astronauts program since she came to Columbus Magnet School in second grade. Calli enjoys anything having to do with science and has always had a great time entering the science fair every year, and conducting her own experiments at home. She also has a great interest in Math and plans on continuing her education with a base in Math in college, and hopes to have a math related career. Calli also hopes to wrestle at one of the 33 Division One colleges that offers Women’s wrestling. She enjoys working with electronics and computer bits as well. Calli has an interest in teaching too.

Skills and Extracurricular Activities

This is Calli’s fourth year as a varsity wrestler for the Norwalk Madbull’s youth wrestling program, and she won the state tournament one year and has placed in states every other year. Calli also plays cello in the orchestra at Columbus and she participated in the All City concert this year. In school, she is in the Academically Talented program. Calli is part of a Dungeons & Dragons group that meets every week, and she attends the Renaissance Faire every year. She also loves Star Wars, comics (her favorites are Harley Quinn and Joker), The Lord of the Rings (her favorite is Gollum) and The Hobbit, and attends various ComicCons with her family as well. Calli enjoys lots of music but has a special love for The Grateful Dead.

Volunteer Experience and Leadership

Calli is a safety at Columbus Magnet School and values her time helping with the Kindergarten students. Calli also enjoys encouraging new wrestlers and helping them feel comfortable on the team.