Isabela Caceres

Payload Specialist

Isabela is a fifth grader at CMS and part of the Young Astronaut program since 1st grade. Currently, Isabela is a safety at school where she helps younger kids get to their buses safely. In third grade, Isabela was a member of the student council where she was assigned the responsibility of supervising younger students during CMS All School Meetings every week. Additionally, she took cooking classes in 3rd and 4th grade through CMS Enrichment Program.

A few of her accomplishments are as follows: She has been part of the Columbus chorus for almost two years and played the cello for two years in the Columbus Strings Orchestra. In addition, she also entered the CMS Science Fair last year and planning on doing it this year again.

Outside of school Isabela has been swimming for over five years. She is currently on the pre-competition team at Swim 70. She really enjoys playing board games with her friends and family members. She gets very competitive. She takes pleasure in cooking with her mother and the cooking classes she took at CMS come very handy. Isabela has been doing musical theater over the summer. She also enjoys going shopping with family.

Isabela has big dreams for the future. She would like to become a clothing designer and a makeup artist and work for the movie stars. She dreams of working in the Stars Wars movie set doing actors’ makeup and assisting with clothing.

Isabela is very excited for the Star Wars New Alliance mission this year as she is a big fan. She believes the 2017 mission will a remarkable one given that she and her fellow young astronauts will be stepping forward on the quest to discover the unknown and experience outer space guided by an experienced and passionate Commander in Chief.

Her number one goal is to become a role model for younger children in all the various activities she does in and out of school. Isabela’s personal hero is her mother. Her mother came to the United Sates at the age 19 and never gave up on her dreams until she reached them – getting an education and working in a profession where she can help others. Isabela’s mom is her biggest supporter as she is always there to encourage her, give her advice and a hand, when needed. She is Isabela’s biggest role model.

In the 2017 mission, Isabela would like to be the mission specialist. She hopes to be mission speaclist because she wants to challenge herself as this position is a crucial one for the success of this mission. Another reason Isabela would like to be the mission speaclist is that she wants to be a great role model to the kids who will join Young Astronauts in the future. Isabela is also very good at coordinating activities and supervising her fellow astronauts.

Isabela is also interested in being the pilot for this mission. Being a prepared and responsible Pilot will mean that the mission will be completed successfully and she is ready to take on this role. This job will be a great learning experience for Isabela.

Finally, Isabela is interested in being the flight director. Isabela is very interested in keeping the mission crew safe at all times. She also would like to work closely with the Project Manager where she would have to make some difficult decisions to ensure the flight and mission are under control.