Jacqueline Gibson


Jacqueline has been selected for student council two years in a row, in fourth and fifth grade. In student council Jacqueline has supported the Open Door Shelter with her student council group. Also they did a clothing drive for the Open Door Shelter, and got socks, hats, gloves, etc. Jacqueline has participated in the Columbus School orchestra for three years, and she has gotten into All City Orchestra for fifth grade. Jacqueline plays piano and viola. Jacqueline has gotten into academically talented and in artistically talented. Jacqueline has gotten a commendable on all her projects in academically talented. Jacqueline is a safety for the front and back doors. Jacqueline has gotten into Brian Mcmahon to exhibit her project for the science fair. Also Jacqueline has won the triathlon two years in a row. Because of her leadership skills Jacqueline has been selected to go to the kid governor common core convention in hartford.

Jacqueline has been to the Air and Space Museum number of times and will be happy to go again, because every time she goes she learns something new. Last time she learned that the yellow part of the international space station is owned by the Russians.

When Jacqueline has spare time (which is usually never) she likes to make bracelets out of string,Write, read or play her instruments, and she likes to make presents for her family, which she make out of clay, feathers, pipe cleaners etc.

Jacqueline is a ballet dancer (she will be en pointe in probably less than a year) and a swimmer. She also sings in the Saint Paul’s on the Green choir and has recently been promoted to a dark blue medal for her dedication to the choir and her responsibilities with younger choristers.

Jacqueline is almost fluent in French. Jacqueline also memorised the aurebesh alphabet and knows how to write, and spell, and knows how to read sight words in the aurebesh language. Jacqueline would like to be the commander as regards to her leadership skills. If CinC gives the job of the commander to a fellow astronaut, she would be happy to have the job of public affairs officer or any other job CinC would like to give her.