Mary Kate Hopkins


Mary Kate Hopkins is a girl who loves to learn. Mary Kate believes that the most interesting fact about herself is that she is talented with both sides of my brain. Mary Kate is a very smart and creative person.

Mary Kate has participated and succeeded in many diverse activities. In kindergarten Mary Kate was awarded 1st place in the science fair. In second grade she was awarded second in the science fair. The summer before she entered third grade she was accepted into Academically Talented. She started to play the guitar the summer before 3rd grade and the violin in 3rd grade. In fourth she was accepted into Artistically Talented. That same year she got 1st in a swim competition. She has been on the swim team at Swim 70 for two years. In June of 2016, Mary Kate ran a 5K with the Girls on the Run program. She has performed in many plays with Crystal Theatre. In 2nd grade she performed in Babes in Toyland and Alice in Wonderland. In 3rd grade she was in Mother Goose Retires. In 4th she was a lead role in Rat, Juice and Marmalade. And most recently she was in Mother Holle. She has been part of the youth choir at St. Matthews church for four years.

When Mary Kate grows up she hopes to be a Robotics engineer. Mary Kate plans on creating a company that will build robots that will look like marine animals. Hopefully they will study marine biology. Mary Kate shows her love for robotics by creating different inventions and building various machines. In her spare time she draws sketches of her future machines.

Mary Kate hopes to accomplish many things in this years mission. She looks forward to getting to know her teammates well and developing the trust in them that they need to succeed. She hopes to be the Public Affairs Officer(PAO). She thinks she would be a GREAT  Public Affairs Officer because she has been in so many plays and had so many speaking roles. She has studied her binder several times and will be able to answer any question in her path. She has a very clear voice loves to act and be on the stage. Mary Kate is a very detailed and expressive writer which would come in handy for the mission  if she had to write reports for the Press. She knows that no matter what job she receives it is still a big role. Mary Kate is ecstatic to be part of the first fantasy mission and knows that she is not only finishing off the work of real astronauts but also many Star Wars heros. Finally she hopes that CinC grows a very long beard.

Mary Kate is inspired by the people who made/make a difference in the machines we use today and who taught the world many lessons. Some people are, Alexander Graham Bell(inventor of telephone), Emile Berliner(inventor of gramophone/microphone), Thomas Edison(inventor of lightbulb), Isaac Newton(created the 3 laws of motion, and Albert Einstein(great scientist). Mary Kate is also inspired in many artists, both music and art. Some are Beethoven (musical artist who was deaf and composer of many famous and empationet songs such as fur Elise which he wrote as a love letter only in a song), Mozart (said to be the youngest musician of his time), and Leonardo da Vinci (not only an artist but also an inventor). As a swimmer Mary Kate is inspired by Katie Ledecky (a 5 time Olympic gold medalist swimmer who is only at the age of 19). Mary Kate is inspired by people who enjoy what she enjoys.

Mary Kate hopes that the mission is a great success, and that she is able to make a big contribution to her team. Good luck and may the force be with you!