Naiya Phipps

Mission Specialist

Naiya Phipps plays violin in the 5th grade orchestra. She has been playing since 3rd grade and was excited to play in All City Orchestra this school year. Naiya seems very interested in it, and is thinking of continuing in middle school. Naiya Phipps is also an editor on the Editorial board at CMS. The school has rejuvenated the “magical mailbox”, but in order for that to work again they needed to choose budding 5th grade editors. Naiya thinks it’s a cool little program for kids to share stories with the rest of the school during All School Meetings.

During Naiya’s spare time, she usually draws in her room. She loves drawing and art so much that when she went to Amsterdam for vacation, she visited the Vincent van Gogh Museum. Producing and editing videos are also some of her hobbies. Naiya likes to collect mugs. Her favorite mug is her “Mornings are Ruff” dog mug, very useful for early mornings.

Naiya is a great soccer player and her position is midfielder. She really enjoys the game and has been playing for 3 years. Her favorite female player of all time is Mia Hamm.

Naiya’s dream is to be a Veterinarian. She enjoys caring for animals (especially pandas who are no longer endangered..yay!!) and would love to treat them if there were any problems. Naiya wants the best chances and opportunities of becoming a vet and wishes to volunteer this summer at a animal shelter or hospital. To Naiya, animals are very important. She thinks that many useful resources can come from all animals WITHOUT hurting them. Maybe one day soon astronauts would be able to take their pets to space. (even though a monkey has travel to space before)

Naiya’s favorite heroes are her parents. They are extremely supportive of everything she does. They are very inspirational as well. She wouldn’t be the same person without them. They encourage her to work harder and keep going when times get tough. Her dad always says STOP, LISTEN, THINK, SPEAK and Naiya makes that part of her daily routines.

Naiya would love to be flight surgeon. She takes interest in health and healing and would be excited to take on the role in the mission.
May the force be with US!!!