Nathaniel Karimi

Flight Dynamics Officer

Nathaniel Karimi Biography: Nathaniel “Nate” Karimi was born into a winter wonderland, on December 28, 2005, in Stamford, Connecticut. He has lived in Norwalk his whole life.
Nate attends Columbus Magnet School and loves to participate in the Young Astronauts (YA) Program. He his very proud to be serving in this year’s YA Star Wars Mission, the very first, fantasy based mission!

Nate is a member of Columbus School Student Council, and is very proud to be of service.
One of Nate’s passions is science, and he has participated in the annual Science Fair. He liked to experiment, for one of his projects, during Third Grade, Nate, and a friend built a maze with obstacle course and lure, to test the time it took for their worms to reach the other side.

Nathaniel is certified in Transcendental Meditation (TM), which teaches people how to sit quietly and focus on a personal mantra, helping to charge our minds. He finds that meditation helps him feel more grounded and clear.

Nate has earned a blue-stripe belt in Kempo Karate over the past two years. He loves to go to swimming classes and has gone for years and he has played some organized soccer too. He also has developed some skill and love of swordplay.

Another of Nate’s interests is building things out of household odds-and-ends, using random items. Once, he made the coolest cushioned helmet with visor and matching costume. He had so much fun putting it together with cardboard and duck tape and tinfoil. Nate also loves Legos and has a great collection of Star Wars figures.

Perhaps, he has the most fun playing Dungeons & Dragons. His next weekly session with his friends and his cool Dungeon Master can never come soon enough. Nate’s imagination also runs rampant, when he is creating new worlds and bases in Minecraft.

Inspired by the Percy Jackson series, Nate has become very knowledgeable of Greek Mythology and has a love of the natural world. He reads and listens for hours from fact and nature sources and constantly quizzes his parents.

Inspired by his many lasting friendships, his hound dog Yogi and the great Arnold Schwartzenegger.
Nathaniel has many goals in life, among them are to be an actor and a computer game designer.
Now, he is excited to be part of the ‘New Alliance” and would love to work with his crewmates towards a successful mission. As Payload Specialist (PS) or Electrical, Environmental and Consumables Manager (call sign EECOM), Nate believes that his technical , social and creative-skills can be beneficial and he’s ready to learn more.

Finally, Nate wants to express his gratitude to “CNC” and thank him for such an awesome experience!

May the Force Be With You!