Nihaal Kochar

Flight Surgeon

Biography of Nihaal Kochar Nihaal Kochar has had two innings at Columbus Magnet School. He was at CMS in kindergarten and first grade, and now is back in fifth grade. He did his second, third and fourth grade at Kunskapsskolan school in India. Kunskapsskolan is a Swedish school that focuses on independent and personal program for each student. It has different art and sports coaching available.

At CMS he is part in school council. He has participated in the Open Door Shelter. He has won first place in Junior Basketball Knockout competition in Norwalk basketball camp. He has also been going to Punjabi class every weekend. In 2012, he won third prize in the Norwalk science fair. His project was titled “Do all seeds grow at the same speed?” He also won the outstanding citizen for the month of November 2012 in CMS.

During his spare time he likes to play sports like cricket, badminton and soccer and also likes swimming. He is part of the Junior Mad Dogs Cricket Club (British Club) in Greenwich. His life goal is to be a member of the USA cricket team. He also watches BBC World News to be aware of what is happening in the world.

After completing this Young Astronaut program, he would like to continue to read about science and space missions. He would like to attend college at Yale and pursue his higher studies in sports related subjects.

This year’s Young Astronaut mission is notable for many reasons. Nihaal has learned about personalities like Wright Brothers, Sir George Cayley, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. He has also learnt about codes, teamwork, initiative, balancing, history of aviation and most importantly about fitness and exercise. He has learnt about many science projects like tall buildings with strong foundations and the history of Apollo patches. He would like to be in the crew position of a Pilot or a Payload Specialist. He would like to be a pilot because he is an expert in landing and docking the lunar module. He is also a natural athlete and is physically fit for the job. He would like to be a payload specialist because he is very keen to learn about robotics and safety of crew and equipment. His heroes are sport stars like Virat Kohli (cricket) and PV Sindhu (badminton) from India and Michael Phelps (swimming) from USA and his parents.

His parents are supportive of all his goals and aspirations. He has a cool tech-geek brother and Nihaal is very proud of him. He is thankful to C in C, Ms.Cormier and Chief for all the learnings in Young Astronaut program.