Raisa Yousuf

Command Module Pilot

Raisa has been in Columbus School for six years. During those six years Raisa has been in Student Council for one year and in that year she and a lot others have been trying to make the community a better place. Raisa has also been selected for Academically Talented. In her classes they have been learning about the Trial and the law. But now they are working on architecture. Raisa has also been selected for artistically talented they have been working on drawing realistic pictures of people in magazines they have also been working on shadowing.

Raisa also has a twin sister in fifth grade named Roshni. Raisa also has an older sister named Roja she is in seventh grade she was in the mission in 2015. She also has a little sister named Rasmiya she hasn’t started school yet.

Raisa,Roja,and Roshni are all in Tae Kwon Do they all have their red belts and they are hoping to get their black belts in a few months.Raisa  and Roshni take classes in Arabic and they are learning to speak and write Arabic.

Raisa’s hero is her mom and dad because they are always there for her when she needs it the most and they give really good advice. Also one of Raisa’s heros is Malala Yousafzai. She shows that she is brave and not afraid to do the right thing even though she might be killed doing it. So that is why Raisa looks up to her.

Raisa would like to be the Mission Specialist Raisa would be a great mission Specialist because she is responsible,safe, and she uses H.E.A.R.S. she  is also a kind and caring and she works great with others. Raisa also wants to be a Scientist when she grows up.