Morris, Anessa

Public Affairs Officer (PAO)

Anessa Morris has participated in sports since she was three years old. Anessa plays soccer, and dances competitively.

During the time of those activities, Anessa makes over four goals in every soccer game. Anessa also sings in Mrs Murray’s Elective named chorus.

During her spare time, Anessa loves baking delicious Chocolate chip cookies with her family. Once there all out Anessa lets them cool. After about two days all the cookies are gone, sorry C in C. she also loves to sit down and watch great movies.

Anessa is a awesome player on her soccer team: The grey Wolves, Her and her freinds have won every single game since day one.

When Anessa leaves Columbus including Young Astronauts, Anessa plans to become a better singer and dance most of the week. After Anessa graduating from the college she will proceed, Anessa wishes to sing and dance and become an amazing leader for as long as she can.

Along with her desire to help her fellow teamates throughhout the year, Anessa wishes to become the Commander in the rocket ship, and become a better leader,learn more about the enviorment, And to have the expereince of living in space for two days and one night.

Anessa’s heroes are her the members of her family, her friends, C in C, And Mrs. Murray. Anessa’s family has supported her since she was born, her friends also support her in life and Anessa would do the same, C in C i s one of Anessa’s heroes because he is super good at teaching Anessa and helping her correct her actions. Mrs. Murray is a brilliant music teacher, she helped Anessa when she needed it most while practicing Annie, and the Lion King.