Restrepo, Elijah

Flight Director

Elijah Alexander Restrepo “Eli” was born on June 11, 2008 in Norwalk Hospital. He is currently 10 years of age and has one sibling, two parents,and a cat. His mother, Katie Restrepo, his father Marco Restrepo,his brother Nicolas Restrepo, and his cat Milo. Eli lives in Norwalk, CT. He attends Columbus Magnet Schools and is in 5th grade with Mrs. Elise Lake. Some hobbies Eli enjoys include reading, writing comics, playing the saxophone, and playing video games. Eli plays a variety of sports. He is a wrestler with the Mad Bulls wrestling team. He plays Football for the Norwalk Junior Football Packers. He is a member of the Norwalk Junior Lacrosse team and plays on 2 teams for the League.

When Eli grows up he hopes to attend Notre Dame University to play for the Fighting Irish football team.

Then, he hopes to get drafted to the New England Patriots football team and become a wide receiver. Some sports teams he enjoys to watch are the New England Patriots, the Boston Celtics, and the Boston Red Sox. Some of his favorite sports players are Mookie Betts, Kyrie Irving and Josh Gordon.

Eli is a member of Columbus Magnet’s Young Astronauts and is in a mission going to the moon. his goal for the mission is to successfully make it the moon and to become the payload specialist.