Sajdyk, Dawid

Flight Dynamics Officer (FIDO)

Dawid has been in the safety program for four months. During the four months, he took kids to their buses. He also participated in overtime athletics for four years. With practice and determination he got better with sports. The first sport he did was, swimming. He swam on a swim team called Zeus. The duration of this sport was six years. However, after a while he wanted to try a new sport. This sport being soccer. When winter came the season was done. So he ended up not playing any sports for the season. He might try hockey later in the year.

Dawid has been learning the Polish language since he was little. He is able to speak and read fluently as well as write in Polish.He has been going to Polish school for five years now. Before going to preschool, Dawid went to a Polish daycare.

Dawid also attends religion classes and has already received his First Communion. In three years Dawid will receive his Confirmation because he has also been attending religion classes for five years. During Dawid’s free time he enjoys riding his bike around his neighborhood or playing videos with his friends.

In the future Dawid wants to become a police officer or a bounty hunter. To fulfill his dream of becoming one of these options, Dawid will take necessary courses to succeed.

Dawid is excited to be a part of this year’s mission that celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 and XII; the first two manned mission to the Moon. Dawid is especially honored to be part of a team of fifth graders who will be paying tribute to Mr. Perschino, who created the Young Astronaut Program at Columbus more than 30 years ago.

Dawid wishes that he could possibly be the Guidance Officer in mission control where he hopes to put his math love and knowledge to a use.

Dawid’s heros and very important people in his life are his parents and Gus Grissom. His parents are heros to him because they always

encourage him and are always there for him through everything. Gus Grissom is also a hero to Dawid because he always looks up to him for his bravery.

By the way Dawid thinks that C IN C wears cool and creative ties.