Welte, Noah

Public Affairs Officer (PAO)

Noah Welte was born on April 11th, 2008. He grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut with his parents and his brother. The first sport he ever played was basketball, and that was at the age of 5, also he started T-ball at that age. Then he took on soccer at the age of 6. The next sport he started playing was football. He also started ballet in 3rd grade. When Noah was 8 he started to try and figure out what he liked to do. The first thing that he liked was Geography, then math, finally he thought he kind of wanted to be a teacher. The jobs that he decided he wanted to pursue was to either be a teacher or someone who works with animals. In 2017, in 3rd grade, Noah and his family bought a dog and named her “Ruby.” In late 3rd grade, Noah and his brother got an “Xbox” to upgrade from their “Wii U.” That year too, his brother Ben received a gaming computer for his birthday so now the Xbox is now Noah’s personal item. This made Noah happiest of all because he now had endless hours to play video games.

In Noah’s spare time besides playing video games he likes to draw, write, read graphic novels or books by James Patterson, and play with his dog. Noah’s favorite teacher so far in elementary school is his 5th-grade teacher Mr. Cingari. Mr. Cingari is super kind and fun and doesn’t believe in punishment. He also loves going to Sky Zone with friends on days off from school.

Noah got interested in ballet in 3rd grade because the NMYB dance teacher came to do a mini dance with the 3rd grade, and Noah really liked it so he went to a class at the real studio and he’s been doing ballet ever since. He also got interested in animals because one day in A.T. he was doing a “Save the animals project”, so he looked up some sites to see what bad things could happen to animals, and it was terrible. So many bad things are happening to animals just because of humans. So that’s when Noah decided that He wanted to save animals.

Noah was excited to be in the 2018-2019 mission because most of his friends will be with him and the mission will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and Apollo 12. What Noah wants to accomplish in this years mission is to be “Mission Specialist” because his brother had that job when he was a Young Astronaut and he seemed to have a great time.