Alexandra J. Dul

AlexandraAlexandra has been with Columbus Magnet School since kindergarten, and when an application went out in first grade for Young Astronauts, she immediately knew she wanted to join. Young Astronauts, though, isn’t her only extra curricular activity or her only passion.

When she was four, she played soccer, which didn’t much interest her. What she loves to this day is singing. When Alexandra was seven, she had a play date with her friend. They sang and sang and wouldn’t stop and loved it, so they decided to make this singing something more. They started performing skits or singing performances for their parents whenever they had play dates. Their parents loved the sound of them singing together, and they sing together to this day.

In third grade, she was elected to be on the student council as a representative for her class, and also began playing the violin in the strings orchestra. After third grade, she knew she’d continue playing the violin and found a small interest in guitar, but didn’t know for certain if she would like it. In fourth grade, she remained active with violin, and was accepted in the A.T. (Academically Talented) program, which changed everything. She was so excited and so was her mom.

What interests her most is acting. She has such a passion for drama and having the opportunity to pretend, but would prefer to do it professionally and also have the chance to just have fun with it. She took many acting classes and has been in several plays in a local theatre company. In fourth grade, Alexandra also did a season of softball in the spring. She loved it and wants to continue.

Alexandra took the Young Astronauts application as an easy after-school activity for fun and extra learning. Little did she know that piles of knowledge would stack up in her mind throughout the years. She couldn’t be more excited for the fifth grade Young Astronauts mission, the one she’s been waiting five years for. This mission will never leave her memory, no matter how many years from now someone asks about her youth. She has never been the physical kind of person, push-ups and sit-ups, jumping jacks and running laps and so much more that just thinking about it causes her pain. She was never really a big fan of science, but now that she knows more about it, it is so awe-inspiring. Alexandra plans on taking physics class in her later years, possibly at Union, thanks to the guidance of C in C.

This semester for Young Astronauts is the most she has learned, including math, science, physics, and so many more subjects. She has needed to make room in her brain. She’s great at remembering things, mostly numbers as long as they’re not too long!

Alexandra’s inspirations are mostly her parents – her dad runs the Audio/Video division of a technology company.  Her mom is an account manager for a travel management company and her accounts book millions of dollars of travel per year. She really likes her clients and her job very much and loves working from home and getting to travel all over the country.

Alexandra’s have supported her with everything she has wanted to try throughout her life, which makes her want to keep trying new things and new adventures!