Roshni Yousuf

Flight Director

Roshni Y. Yousuf has attended Columbus Magnet School for all six years (including Kindergarten). She has been in Student Council for two years, and has worked on the recycling system, and helped the Open Door Shelter by decorating the shelter for the holidays, and dropped off the donations for the shelter’s bingo event that the school produced. Roshni is also looking forward to helping the school’s playground rules.In addition to Student council, Roshni takes part in Academically Talented, she has been in this program since third grade,(when the program starts). She has just learned about Law, Roshni is looking forward to learning so much more! This year, Roshni has just gotten into Artistically Talented and works on drawing and techniques of drawing and color. She also plays Cello in the Columbus Orchestra. After school, during dismissal, Roshni does her safety job. She does first grade and with others makes sure they get to their safety procedures. She cares about others safety and loves to help. Roshni is in the Columbus Chorus as well, Which is fun and cool!

Roshni’s hobbies are playing/hanging with family and drawing. She also takes the hobby of skateboarding. Roshni would like to take piano lessons in the future.

Roshni has played soccer on her the “Silver Stars”, for 1 ½ years. Later, Roshni had gone to basketball camp in the summer. Roshni still could not find the sport for her and her sisters, but they did not give up, soon Roshni’s parents found taekwondo and she loves it! Roshni also learns how to write/read and understand Arabic.

Roshni actually has gotten one of her works of art called,”Autumn Falls”,in city hall, few days later, she had her picture in a calendar. Roshni has participated four times in the science fair,and in 2016 she got her project to the second round.

After completing the  Young Astronauts program in her school, she wants to get more what she has learned and become an engineer and work for N.A.S.A, after graduating from Union College and Harvard.

Doing the first fantasy mission for the anniversary of Star Wars Roshni is honored to be part of this mission. She knows she should try to find out more about Star Wars, she has recently watched Rouge 1 and she loves the technology and H.E.A.R.S, and how they were not complaining, but they just needed to get the mission done! Roshni would like to work on these things for the mission and during the school year.

Her personal heroes are her mom, her has taken charge of four girls and is a great person, Roshni would like to be like that. Her Dad always pushes Roshni and her sisters to step up and do amazing things! And her sisters, they always support her and give her advice. All of her heroes bring her joy and support her with anything!

Roshni would like to become the Commander, using her H.E.A.R.S, knowledge, and trying her best, making sure that the mission is running smooth and great! Roshni does look up to past Young Astronauts and takes them as role models, knowing that she should respect them. Since Roshni is a safety, she thinks she will be able to provide safety for her teammates. In any problematic situation, Roshni believes she will able to listen to mission control and work it out with her fellow teammates.

Roshni knows the work is not going to be easy, but she thinks it is important. And that all of the Young Astronauts have to work hard to have a great and successful mission!