Hamza Belhabib

H Belhabib

Hamza Belhabib was born on January 8, 2007. Hamza is 11 years old and has a little sister named Basma. He has lived in Norwalk, CT his whole life.

This is Hamza’s first year at Columbus Magnet School in 5th grade. He used to go to Brookside School, where he’d been for preschool and started kindergarten at Jefferson Elementary School till 4th grade. At Jefferson, Hamza used to get awards called “Tribes Awards” for showing Great Spirit in school. Hamza won two awards each year for leadership, appreciation, no put-downs, mutual respect, attentive listening, and right to pass. Hamza is very proud of himself for getting all these awards.

In third and fourth grade, Hamza was in science programs in the morning and afternoon. One was called Marine STEM and another was called junior marine biologists. He also participated in a program called the Lego club.

During his spare time, Hamza likes to do a variety of sports. He did Tae Kwon Do for a year and a half and got to the blue belt. Later, he tried swimming but didn’t enjoy it that much. And when he was younger, at the age of 4 he played soccer. Last year he went to summer camp to socialize with other kids, which he enjoyed a lot.

Hamza loves all different kinds of subjects like social studies, math, and science. Science is his favorite subject because he wants to be an electrical engineer when he grows up. Hamza is also acquiring a second language which is Arabic.

Hamza’s heroes are his parents because they inspire him to learn new things and they encourage him to try his best in school. Another one of Hamza’s heroes is Muhammad Ali because he devoted his life to humanitarian work, putting his name to many initiatives for peace and humanitarian aid.

This year in the Young Astronauts program, Hamza wants to accomplish learning about space and ecotourism, which is what this mission is all about. He also wants to accomplish learning more about the past scientists like Isaac Newton, the Montgolfier brothers, and Albert Einstein, and astronauts like John Glenn and the Apollo crews.

Hamza can’t wait for what he’s going to discover and learn in this year’s Young Astronauts. Especially in the Mission and the trip to Washington D.C.