March 1

The Astronauts had an early morning session this week, in order to prepare and make room for one of the big events of the year – the Young Astronauts Pasta Dinner.  The Mission year Astronauts were all announced to great fanfare and applause from their proud families, and then the rising 4th grade Cadets were also introduced and honored.  This is the biggest fundraiser of the year for YA, and tonight’s successful event is 100% due to the hard work of all the YA families, especially 4th and 5th grade, who organized, solicited prizes, sold tickets, cooked, served, set up and cleaned up – and a hundred jobs in between.  Thank you all so much for everything you do for our kids!

March 15

Straight from another YA session, the Astronauts put on their second Community Service event this year – a dinner for Norwalk’s First Responders   The Astronauts helped set up and serve dinner, and served as excellent community ambassadors as they sat down to talk about the YA program with police officers, firefighters, EMTs, elected officials and more.  Once again, a big thank you to our Mission parents for putting on an amazing feast!

March 22

This week, the Astronauts learned about space debris – how much of it there is, and how NASA works to prevent collisions.  For the practical element, the Astronauts had to remove ‘debris’ (marbles) from ‘space’.  First they each created their tool – a single spoon taped to the end of a long thin pole – and then they had to work together, in silence, to be able to bring two spoons together and pick up the marbles.

March 29

After learning all about spacesuits in a previous session, our Astronauts created their own from toilet paper this week.  They divided into teams of three, and one Astronaut was ‘suited up’.  They had to make the suit as tight as possible while still allowing flexibility for movement.  The winning teams were successfully able to lead their Astronaut across the gym without suit ‘breakage’.