Colbath, Lydia

Flight Activities Officer (FAO)

Lydia Colbath is a kid with a lot of curiosity and creativity.  Lydia has grown a lot at CMS. She loves to read and would like to be a writer when she grows up,  She really loves loves her family and they have supported her in all her activities, events, and most importantly school.

Some of Lydia’s in school activities include A.T, G.T, being a safety, playing Clarinet, and Book Group.  Her only activities aren’t just in school, they are also out of school hours, for example Lydia also plays Travel Soccer and plays Piano.  Special events such as the Science Fair, the Triathlon, and Invention Convention have been fun too.

Lydia feels that as a 5th grader she is a leader in the school and loves to be in the YA program.  Some of her personal heroes include her family members and also the people at her church that support her no matter what happens.

Lydia gets to express her love of animals when she gets to join her mother at her job at the Darien Nature Center.  And at home she cares for her dog Gabe and he gives her love. He likes to play rough and she isn’t afraid to do that with him.

Now in the Mission Year, Lydia can look at the work she has done with her fellow astronauts with pride and confidence.  Learning to work as a team with them has been both challenging and rewarding. Lydia feels grateful to all of leaders, teachers, and adults who have guided the way.

The Mission Year has been inspiring for Lydia enabling her to grow in mind, body and soul.  Lydia is looking forward to bringing her creative passion to each project, and working with the team to solve the problems of space.

Lydia would like to be on the crew or Meteorologist. She thinks this role will fit her skills best.  For this job she needs to have great problem solving skills. As Lydia sees it she has great talent for the job.  One example of why she would be good at this is that she recently did a very hard exemplar which is a hard math sheet and she got stuck on part of it.  But she found a way out of it and cracked the pattern and finished the exemplar successfully. In conclusion I believe that Lydia should get the job