Kaitlyn Kennedy

Kaitlyn Kennedy

Kaitlyn Kennedy is a 5th grader at Columbus Magnet School. At school Kaitlyn loves to write stories and be around her friends. During the day at school, Kaitlyn plays the cello. She has been playing the cello since she was in third grade. Kaitlyn has entered the science fair for the last few years. Her 5th grade teacher is Mrs. Lake.

Outside of school Kaitlyn does karate. She has been learning and practicing for the last 4 years. Kaitlyn participates in many tournaments and wins medals. She has won gold, silver, and bronze. In January 2018, she will be testing for her 1st degree black belt. Kaitlyn enjoys playing with her friends and sometimes she enjoys playing in the snow with her older brother. She loves to be very active.

In this year’s Young Astronaut mission, Kaitlyn wants to be the pilot. Ever since she started school and saw the mission year after year, she always wanted to be the pilot because she enjoys driving and wants to fly the shuttle to make her mission successful. She always enjoyed watching the mission and couldn’t wait to do it herself. Kaitlyn always looked up to the people in the mission and is excited to finally be part of it.

When she grows up, Kaitlyn wants to do a few different things. One thing she wants to be is a writer because she enjoys writing and wants to become a famous author. Another thing she wants is to become a famous martial artist like Bruce Lee.

One of Kaitlyn’s personal heroes is Bruce Lee for showing her that she could become a martial artist. She also looks up to her teachers Ms. Kelly, Mrs. Walters, Mrs. Kim, Mrs. B and now Mrs. Lake because they taught her all that she needed to know in math, reading and writing. They also help kids like Kaitlyn get an education. Most importantly she looks up to her parents. She looks up to them because they care for her, believe in her, and drive her everywhere. They will always love and trust her.