Ella Schweizer

Guidance Officer (GUIDO)

Ella is 10 years old. Ella was born in Greenwich, CT and Ella has one older sister named Jessica. Ella is a fifth grade student and Ella is a safety for kindergarten. Ella’s hobbies include ballroom dance, Crystal Theater, swimming, cheerleading, gymnastics and tennis. Ella’s favorite subject is math and enjoys reading books and watching films with her family. Ella loves ducks; as a matter of fact she always says this to C n C “Wear your ducky tie!” Ella even went to the annual duck race at the Westport Library. Ella is interested in art, active activities, and music. Ella painted a window during Halloween at the Westport Library and won first place for the best of Ella’s age group. Ella did letterboxing. Letterboxing is when you get historical clues for different places to find a box and stamp to stamp your paper to show you found the box. In the end everyone who did and completed the packet gets to be entered into different raffles. Ella even won a twenty-five dollar gift card to a farmers market and got a lot of fruits and vegetables that were fresh. Ella’s goals in life are to go to college and become successful. Ella did amazing girl science where she dissected a fish and strawberries. Ella has always been interested in science. Ella did computer programming for a day. Ella loved it. Ella’s parents and her sister inspired Ella to be a good person. Ella looks forward to working with C n C, Chief, and her crew on this year’s mission. This is why Ella does Young Astronauts, to improve her knowledge and to be part of a team.