Christina Gong

Christina Gong

Christina Gong is a fifth grade student at Columbus Magnet School. She joined Young Astronauts because her older brother Christopher joined the 2013 mission and she decided she would like to be a Astronaut as well.

Christina’s goal in Young Astronauts is to work with her peers and create a really good team to do amazing experiments.

Christina’s favorite activities are to listen to music and read on her IPad. She also likes to draw anime (people with fancy eyes). When Christina grows up she wants to be Youtuber/Gamer and receive cool subscribers. She likes to also play Roblox, Minecraft, Terraria, DIY Crafts, etc.

Some of Christina’s accomplishments are swimming, sign language, playing the piano, ping pong, biking and scootering.

Christina’s favorite role model is Helen Keller because she turned her fears into hope and taught people who were blind or deaf. She made a disadvantage into an advantage. Christina’s favorite people are Robert Goddard and Werner Von Braun because they made the first earlier rockets so people could go into space and take very cool pictures. She would also like to explore the stars and planets in the Galaxy.