Balazs, Vivian


Vivian Balazs is a 10 year old 5th grader. She was born December 20th 2008. Vivian has been in Columbus Magnet School for 6 years. In her experience in CMS she has been in student council for 2 years and the substitute for student council in the present. She is also part of this years Lion King kids and a part of strings as well. She loves being a part of many things. She enjoys reading, writing, soccer, playing the piano and cello as well as singing and acting.

She participates in many after school activities such as : Hebrew School, soccer, book group, crystal theater, piano, swimming and of course YA! She loves a adventure and exploring new things. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing short poems and writing stories.

Vivian entered the science fair on different peoples strides in 2nd grade.

She has a great personality and loves being her crazy self. She has great relations with the children in In Vestigiis Apollo. She is excited to be a part of this year’s mission and is excited to learn more about Apollo 11 and Apollo 12. She is very happy with the idea of honoring Mr. Perschino who founded YA over 30 years ago and passed away last summer. In this year’s mission she would like FAO and is good at keeping people on track and is very organised. When she grows up she would like to be a dean/social worker, an English teacher or an author.

Her teachers : Mrs. Savona, Ms. Kelly, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Chadha, Mrs. B , Mrs. Lake a Ms. Megan ( an aide ) and C an C have been a great help to her and are phenomenal and awesome!

Her personal heroes are my parents my brother and Mia Hamm who has faced difficulties such as her brother dying at the age of 28 ( the person who inspired her to become a soccer player) but she never gave up.

Vivian hopes this years mission will be the best yet.