Hopkins, Timmy


Timmy Hopkins is a young astronaut from Columbus Magnet School. Tim is a sporty kid – he plays soccer, baseball, and tennis. He has been playing sports all his life.

In 2018, Tim was in a soccer tournament in Rocky Hill, CT. His team won their first game. The next game was crazy. Tim scored the first goal from half field and it went over the goalie’s head. But, the other team scored and tied the game up. In the second half, and with 30 seconds left, Tim scored to win the game. he was next to the right goal post and the ball hit the goalie`s right leg and went in the goal, and Tim started to cry!

In the summer, Tim was on a travel baseball team. His team was losing 5-0. Tim was up at bat and their were men on second and third. He hit a ball to center field and got a double with two rbi`s.

Tim also likes to sail in Maine in the summertime. Tim sails a small boat called an Opti. He likes long sails and to control the tiller, which controls the boat.

TIm loves Christmastime and winter because he likes to sled and have snowball fights. He also enjoys being outside in the woods and build forts.

Tim is a singer and is in the play, The Lion King, at Columbus School this spring. Tim is Timon, which is perfect for him, because Tim is funny just like Timon.

When he grows he wants to be a pilot because he wants to be able to fly the future planes.

Tim hopes to be the pilot in this year’s mission because he wants to first know what it’s like to fly.

Tim’s personal heroes are: Aaron Judge, Paulo Dybala, Cristiano Ronaldo.