Ryen, Keir

Integrated Communications Officer (INCO)

Keir Ryen was born on April 2, 2008 in Stamford Hospital. Keir is ten years old and has two sisters, Ava and Vivien, who are twins and are twelve years old. He also has two moms, Kix and Cathy, a dog named Stella and a cat named Onyx. He has lived in Norwalk, CT his whole life. Keir joined Columbus Magnet School in 3rd grade. He used to go to Kendall Elementary School, where he’d been since Kindergarten.

Keir won the Science Fair twice while at Kendall, and went on to win two special awards at the Norwalk city awards. One year he won the K-2 Community Special Award and he got $100. The next year he took First in the Earth Science Experimental category and got $75. So Keir is technically a paid scientist.

Keir used to do Tae Kwon Do for several years. He got up to a brown belt, which is just over halfway to a black belt. This year Keir is doing parkour, which means being able to move around over uneven terrain by doing vaults, jumps, swinging and climbing. Keir also enjoys riding his bike to his friend’s house.

Keir’s favorite subject is science. At home, he makes and combines fireworks to make them bigger and better. He has made a rocket launcher out of PVC pipe to shoot bottle rockets by mounting it on the fence in the backyard. In his free time, Keir enjoys doing target practice with his BB guns and creating worlds in Minecraft. When Keir grows up, he is interested in being a YouTuber or an engineer or a pyrotechnician.

Keir has ADHD and dyslexia, which makes it harder for him to read and pay attention, so he likes Young Astronauts because he gets to do experiments while learning about rocket science and space.